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Charging Cable
Christian Neukamm
Send twice and never received

Where is my cable? I have paid and never gotten the item. This is already the second time. Terrible. What is the helmet worth if you can't mailorder a replacement cable?

Lumos Ultra
Lumos Ultra MIPS

As a daily bike commuter for 14 years, I'm always looking for something that will make me more visible to the drivers. As a bike rider of over 40 years, I'd like something that has a little style about it too. I'd seen the earlier iterations of Lumos' helmets and liked the idea of integrated lights but the styles never appealed to me. That all changed when I saw the campaign for the Ultra. Fast forward one patient year of waiting and I have my limited edition colourway MIPS Ultra, and it's very good. Does everything it says on the tin, with good customisation options via the app. I got the extra remote to have brake lights, this works fine, but I notice that sometimes it takes a couple of button presses on the remote to wake up the connection.

The fit suits a rounder head shape, so it's not quite perfect on my oval noggin, but the weight is acceptable considering all the electronics - it feels similar to the weight of a MTB helmet, rather than a lightweight road lid. Fit adjustments work as expected and the construction quality appears to be pretty good. The back lights (due to their colour) are particularly distinctive looking when activated. Since I don't wear a casquette, I ordered the visor attachment with it which replaces the front forehead pad. My sample is quite not a perfect fit, so it bulges slightly against my forehead, but not enough to bother me once I'm underway.

The only thing I can't comment on is the waterproofing as I haven't had it out in heavy rain yet. Overall, I'm very happy with this - a good looking MIPS helmet with built-in lights for less than the cost of my other conventional helmets. And if the blinking lights mean one less careless driver claiming "didn't see you mate", then it's saved my life with prevention rather than just impact protection. Good job Eu-wen and team!

Charging Cable
Dolce Associati


Lumos Ultra
Dirk Jan Coorn
Nice and good helmet

A fine wearable helmet with many safety items in it. Some spectators find it a good way to cycle safely.

No charger included and it's a very specific one

Very disapointed regarding the price of the simple remote without a charger whereas the old version worked with battery. It seems now like an Apple product where you have to buy all the specific catalog for it to finally work. They could have made a simple USB charger like for every electronic device, but here they built a special one that you can't buy anywhere else.
I would not recommend this to anyone else, I'll go back to Abus next time.

Lumos Ultra
Brian D.
Amazing helmet!

I purchased a bike but my wife thought best get a helmet just in case from the crazy traffic in our area. Got this helmet and couldn’t be any happier. Fits perfectly after making slight adjustments. The app works flawlessly and I like how I can customize the light patterns. I like the remote included for now but may upgrade it at some point in the future :).

Helmet Padding
Steve Ethridge
Helmet pads and turn signal

Helmet is used so needs preventative maintenance. New pads perfect fit, new turn signal works great after pairing.

Lumos Ultra
Rafael Cammayo
Smart helmet

Recieved the parcel 2 weeks ago. I was so excited to use it. I use my bike for my cardio exercise along trans pennies bike trail and travel to work on night shift. I have loved this helmet being a state of the art, I am visible to the road using even on daylight and battery life is very good. I went for a night ride and I noticed that the front light can easily reflect to all reflective surface and signage even ahead of me. I felt safe in this way that I can be seen easily where cars would slow down behind me and they carefully overtake specially when I’m in uphill… I have recommended this helmet to my co workers and most of them are impressed with it.
The USB c is impressive, this is the future. I can use even my power bank.
I wished the automatic brake is already integrated on the Ultra Lumos.
But over all… I loved this helmet

Remote + Handlebar Mount
Andrea Montalvo
Ultra helmet

When I purchase my ultra helmet I got a track number that did not give me any information about my shipment, it just keep saying I will get it in 3 days, I was really excited because I have hear from other it takes probably 3 to 4 weeks, unfortunately since I was not able to see the time when I would get the shipment, and I thought they would just drop it off at the front door. I got a email saying I would have to reschedule drop off or to pick it up one of usps offices, that’s when I contact costumer service, they were very nice, he also find odd that I could not see any updates about the shipment, he tell me he will contact logistics to find out where exactly is my product. I’m still waiting, after 1 week I really hope I get it soon, I actually wait one month to be able to order it since there were not in stock. This is my experience for right now with the product, I hope I can update when I get it, if the problem is resolved.


Love my helmet with turn signals and lights

Lumos Ultra
Amr Abdallah
Not protective enough

I received the new helmet 10 days ago. It looks nice specially with those lights. It is MIPS, means extra brain protection. I dropped it accidentally on the patio in my garden from a height less than a meter. Unfortunately that left it with significant dent. When I emailed the CS they claimed that it is tested and certified according to US and EU standards. I have two much cheaper helmets and dropped them many times with not single dents or even scratch. I regret buying it. Very much over priced.

Lumos Ultra
Ivan Castillo becerra
Good service

Good service

Charging Cable
NOT received my charging cable

I clearly proved that an additional order outside the Kickstarter campaign was given the same tracking number so it seemed I had received the extra order. More than 14 days after my initial email to the support, still no charging cable in my mailbox...

Lumos Ultra
Karen Milliken
So disappointed

I have yet to receive my helmet. Was told it was sent and when I tracked it through the PO it was the wrong tracking number, I have been trying to resolve the whereabouts of my helmet for over a month and have not had resolution. Come on Lumos--send me my helmet!!

Lumos Ultra
Rachel Suda
Love it!

Best helmet ever….& heaps of positive feedback from others re visibility & quality of lights.
Looks great & feel safer with it in low /no light areas. Thanks…it’s awesome & will be getting more. :)

Lumos Ultra
What an amazing helmet

This was my first time of backing a new state of the art helmet. It arrived today 29/07/2021. From the moment I opened t he r box I was so impressed. The design is so aerodynamic and the led lights on the front snd back are so impressive. With the touch button with four different functions with the added signals on the back is just WOW.the size is perfect and with the MIPS system which I am so glad I went for. I am blown away by the professionalism from the moment I got on board to when I received it.

Lumos Ultra
Laurence Wahl
Can't review the helmet, as I can not get delivered!

I am original kickstarter supporter from over a year ago. Still do not have my helmet, xl mipps. Now they are saying September delivery, maybe. Promises after promises, excuse after excuse, and still no helmet. Poor communication, misinformation, obfuscation, and total lack of customer service is lumos's modus operandi. I suggest you look elsewhere for similar helmets.

Awesome build quality and a great fit

My daughter has tried many bike helmets and they never fit right. They were always too loose or too tight. We ended up just getting her a snow board helmet that did fit her but it looked terrible and she was never happy with it. :( That's when I first found out about Lumos on Kickstarter. The color selections really caught her eye (she got the orange and white), MIPS protection, and the knob adjustment on the back really helped fine tune the fit and style. The helmet doesn't slide around like the others we have and it feels so much more secure and safe. Thanks, Lumos, you've made my daughter very happy! Can't wait to get the other 3 in the mail!

Lumos Ultra
A helmet I actually wear

At long last I got a helmet that I actually put on. Having neglected my own safety in the past by not putting my old helmet on, I’m now very keen to do so. It fits perfectly and having indicators and brake lights is not only cool but also helpful in heavy traffic.
Only the straps are a nuisance. I have to readjust them every other day because they’re too slick for the clasps.

Lumos Ultra
Stephan Cornips
Great product which every cyclist should wear

As an initial kickstarter supporter, I had high hopes for such a ground breaking product. It has exceeded my expectations. This helmet sets a new standard in Cyclist safety and is a must for every cyclist navigating through traffic.

Lumos Ultra
Kunal Jain
Great helmet!

Love it! Looks cool and functions very well! Would definitely recommend.

Satisfied vs Happy

Was very engaged and excited after voting on Limited Edition colors, knowing I'd get a quality helmet with a custom flair. Okay with delivery delay as Lumos shared what was happening.
After receiving and using for a month, I am happy with the fit and functionality. A good improvement over my 7 year old Giro, especially with MIPS. Signals and brake light with accelerometer are safety gold, as part of my commute is along side 45mph traffic. Great for the few spots I have to share road and turn lane (limited bike infrastructure). Love the button activation on turn signals, and confirming audio.
My main disappointment is aesthetic: the color. I ordered "Jam Sandwich" expecting the purple I viewed on screen. Actual color is toner cartridge Magenta. Think raspberry when you're expecting grape. Lumos customer service were polite and thorough addressing my concerns, although unable to change the situation due to custom nature of first edition.
Overall, I'm satisfied having a safer helmet, which is the bottom line. Would buy again, just not in the same color.

Still haven't received it

Still waiting

Lumos Kickstart
Darryl Burnett
I haven't received it

Still waiting on my helmet

Robert Chen
Could be a scam!

The service that I have had from LUMOS so far feels like a credit card scam. After three months I still don't have any helmets to review! The classic "string the customer along", "Oh no, don't call the credit card company as we are shipping it now" has that fraud ring to it.
If I didn't own two previous version of the helmet (good product, expected longevity) I would have bailed long ago.