Extra. Ordinary.

From £149.95

MIPS option available

Proactive safety

Prevention is better than crash

Unleash a new level of safety. Our helmets are designed to make you highly visible and your actions predictable. Leave nothing to chance.

Dynamic Lighting

It's just science, having dynamic lighting at eye level dynamites your safety to new heights.

Turn Signals

No surprises! Let other motorists know your intentions by using the built-in turn signals.

Automatic Brake Lights

Slowing down? Let everyone behind you know with the automatic brake lights.


Be seen, from all around

Relax and ride knowing that we always ensure 360 degree visibility on all our helmets. Cover all angles and eliminate risk.


Fully, internationally, certified

It wasn't easy, but we made sure our helmets performed just as well, if not better than the competition even when it comes to the crash test.

CPSC / F1492 (US)




Go the extra mile and kit out your helmet with the MIPS option.


Commands at your fingertips, literally.

No wires, no problem. Tell your helmet what to do with the included Lumos Remote, or your Apple Watch.


A helmet tailored for you

A helmet does not have to be uncomfortable. We've gone all out to ensure the helmet fits you no matter what. Rocking a ponytail? We've got you covered.


Ride in any weather

Rain or shine, you can be count on your Lumos Street to brave any storm.


Extended Cycle-time

Never run out of battery with a convenient charge time and battery-life extending modes that would last even a cycle marathon.

Solid flashing mode

Extended battery flashing mode

Up to

10 hours run-time

Companion App

Customize. Control. Check.

Get the most out of your Lumos Street by pairing it with the Lumos Companion App. Customize your light flashing patterns, check your battery life, track your activity and sync with Strava and Apple Health.

Join the club. It's gonna be lit.