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Lumos Ultra
Evan Klein
Cool helmet. Can’t figure out for the life of me how to pair it

I tried following the instructions. No dice.

Lumos Ultra
Devin Reed
Safe helmet but suspect quality control

I have had my Lumos Ultra for about eight months now and I've ridden just over eight hundred miles with it, so I think I'm ready to give my review:

The MIPS is as advertised, the helmet is comfortable over long periods, and the lighting and turn signals are very useful - though you will look like a dork. The design is nice and inoffensive, the app works well and has a good degree of customization.

However, in the past couple of weeks I have noticed that the glue holding in the rear lighting and battery unit has completely failed, and a few days ago the entire unit fell out while I was riding. I was able to recover it and am trying to glue it back in, but this is the whole gimmick for the helmet and it should not fall out after such a short period of time. Hence why it loses a star.

Other than that I wish the helmet had turn indicators on the front.

I give the helmet a B+.

Lumos Ultra
Fantastic Helmet - Love it

What a great helmet, really looks the part, love the indicator capability, front light really stands out, really grabs attention, so works as intended, only thing I find is switching it off & on is a bit fiddly when wearing, but hey, a small price to pay for a fantastic helmet that does what it promised to do - keep you safe & visible, thanks Lumos!

Lumos Ultra
Nick Xenofos
Product seems promising, DPD UK delivery POOR.

After extensive research I came to a decision to purchase this smart helmet, which seems promising and aligned with what I have been reading. Practicality, design and sturdiness on the positive side also. However, let’s hope that I am able to agree to my review more than a year into my purchase. Furthermore, if I can point a couple things out, one would be to offer customers which purchase from your website directly the option to return for free just like Amazon does…now if you ask me why I didn’t use Amazon to secure that option if ever needed, the answer is that you do not have any of the accessories listed on there, therefore forced me to go to the official website. Lastly but not least, DPD UK according to ongoing experiences that I’ve had is a courier that needs to be focused on and I still wonder why healthy companies do not pick up on this timely. With what regards this transaction, allow me to inform you that my helmet was delivered/dumped in another building and was only when I looked into their online tracking that I discovered it had already been delivered as I received no notifications so ever.

Lumos Street
Gannon Gomez
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The best Smart bicycle helmet on the market

I stopped by just to buy a good helmet in a bicycle shop. The salesman showed me the Lumos Ultra and it was a love at first sight.
It has very nice design and it is comfortable to ware. The smart functions are amazing and I am impressed by the battery time. Good job team Lumos!

Remote + Handlebar Mount

Remote + Handlebar Mount
Pierre Janoschka
Logistics company has not commented on the missing delivery

Order and status of processing are very good. Unfortunately, I have to give an overall grade of bad because the Logisic company does not comment on the missing and allegedly delivered goods, and I paid for parts but did not receive them. I still hope that the DPD will comment on this at some point.

Lumos Ultra
Serpentier Davy

Great helmet. Good lights on it and fits like its made doe my head

Remote Mount
Dirk Jan Coorn
Great helmet and Remote Mount

Great and fast delivery of the mount.

Ultra Visor
Louis Darrien
Visor is OK. Quality is OK and price is expensive for what you get

It was OK. For the price, the quality should be better

Lumos Ultra
Sound signals

Very good helmet, almost totally pleased! Suggestion: possibility to change beeping sequence for left and right turns in accordance with nautical sound signals: one beep for starboard (right), two for port (left). Greetings from a salty dog 😀

Remote Lite
Michele Kriz

I had two lites fail. Just stopped working. High Florida humidity? Bad lot? Just ordered the regular remote and got a credit for the lite, fingers crossed, as I love the Lumos for road cycling.

Lumos Kickstart
Ira Ratej

I never wore a helmet till now. I did my homework and checked many reviews and many helmets. Lumos helmets stood out since so many cyclists contributed their own ideas, experiences and suggestions. So I bought 2 helmets: Kickstarter and Ultra - one for me and one for my husband. Both MIPS. I tried both of them. Adjustable fitting is easy and it suits a wide range of head's sizes. Pairing with the app and remote is fast and simple. Both helmets are excellent, well designed and made. Both are very airy and light weight. I must thank Lumos team for assistance since there was a mixup at the delivery. Resolution of the problem was swift and smooth. I got very kind replies when I contacted them. I know there are many helmets on the market but Lumos's helmets feel safe and beside that they look fabulous.

Great helmet

Brilliant helmet . I just wished there was different sizing as this is a little wide for me

Ultra Bug Net
Frank Woodtke
Lumos Ultra

Great product !!! Great people !!! Great service !!!

Lumos Ultra
Vladas Delekas

Lumos Ultra

No XL?! m(_ _)m

You say on your site regarding the LUMOS Ultra:
"If you measure above 61cm, or usually wear XL hats, then our XL size helmet is likely your best fit."
But I found NO 2022 XL-helmets anywhere on your site or on the net.
Is there even an XL-version of the newest LUMOS Ultra?!
If you sell the newest LUMOS Ultra in XL please let me know! (^_^)

Lumos Kickstart
Tyler Wood
Took a fall, glad to get back up again

I've had my Kickstart for a couple years now and had my first crash today and thankfully came out barely worse for wear, partly due in thanks to my helmet! Just ordered a replacement, can't wait!

Lumos Matrix
Chance O.
Great purchase!

This helmet is great! It fits wonderfully and the lights, especially the turn signals, are very visible to everyone around. Would highly recommend to anyone who rides at night.

Lumos Ultra
Gorgeous helmet. Glad I supported

So I have had this since the kickstarter campaign delivvered to me about a year or so ago so feel I can write an honest review. I lLOVE this helmet. I get comments on it all the time. The fit is great. The quality of materials is superb. The lights are just spot on! And the flexibility of the app! Wow. The only things I would say is 1. The padding is not comfortable/thick enough and there is a Velcro bit at the front that Definitely warrants a pad but apparently it's for something else? The remote option needs to be a bit 'slicker' I had the standard one, but the newer type was an improvement but still needs improvement I think. To be honest I will only really use on night commutes whilst bike packing. Which I don't do anyway at night. 🤣. I love it. Cannot understand why some of my biking mates at the club don't get one but have been asked. Slick, lights, beautiful. What's not to like. Just wish I had got another colour now!

Charging Cable
Jesse Long Waslowski
Product never arrived and no response to my emails

The Product never arrived and no response to my email.

My brother in law previously ordered me a helmet and cable, which I like, but i lost the proprietary cable and now i can’t replace it because my order never arrived

Lumos Kickstart
Errol Jorn
This is my third Lumos Kickstart helmet

My first helmet I accidently left on a train. My second one, I was hit by a car and landed on the back of my head with the helmet on, It saved my life but toasted the helmet. So now I am on my third. The area I commute in is very busy here in the Silicon Valley, there are a lot of very smart morons making the Lumos helmet essential.

Lumos Matrix
Ioan Popovici
It hasn't arrived yet

It hasn't arrived yet

Pretty cool

I got the green XL helmet because my brain is massive and I'll start off by saying it's pretty comfortable to wear/easy to adjust. The lights are bright and the turn signaling is really awesome. At night some people think I'm a cop rolling up on them when I have the strobes on. The app was kind of a pain to connect but once it was connected it worked great. Easy to adjust the settings. The battery life is decent but you'll have to charge it every day and I only use the lights after night fall as all day long would be way too much for them. All in all it's the coolest bike helmet I've ever owned!