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Remote + Handlebar Mount
Mike Breitsameter
Gut Ding braucht Weile

Antwort auf Rechnungsanforderung dauerte ganz schon lange.
Dies kann man vermeiden, wenn man Rechnung beiliegt, gleich per Mail sendet oder zum download wäre.
Hier ist jedenfalls noch viel Potential nach oben.
Sonst aber schnelle Lieferung und alles bestens. Daher 4 Sterne.

Ultra Visor
Douglas Nichols
Could be a little bigger.

Great packaging. Better than nothing, but could be a little bigger.


Perfect match

Charging Cable
Sven Moritz

The charging cable was sent to me quickly and easily.

Essentials: Spoke Reflectors

Lumos Ultra
Todd Kranock-Alaghbar
Blinker Issue

it was totally fine before I just updated yesterday and the blinker switch stopped working or disconnected automatically because I can see the switch blinking bit the helmet is not.

Helmet Padding
Matthias Wulf
New pads for my Lumos Ultra

The pads reached me in time in a good quality at a first brief view. I fixed them inside the helmet, because of delivered kickstart version for my ultra helmet is a little angle deviation on both sides, but nothing serious. Feels like a new helmet. Thanks a lot!

Can’t wait for bicycle season to really get here

Really neat

You can put them in any pattern and they clip on very easily. It looks really cool at night too.

Cool product

The stickers are highly reflective and can be put practically anywhere.

Lumos Ultra
Rainer Zimmermann
Brake lights

Hi, I like the helmet, it is my second after the first one was stolen. But 1) I fail to get the break light to work and 2) different to what the online instructions say I have two different cables to charge the helmet and the remote, which is not at all ideal. 3) I am still waiting for a response to the email that I sent to LUMOS.

Lumos Ultra
Nate Alexander
Works like a charm

Excellent fitting helmet, the lights are bright. I have an added sense of safety wearing this helmet. Would recommend to anyone looking for a headpiece.

Handle Mount -Remote.

I like the brakes system now it's a lot safer. It's better than the other remote that came with the helmet. Thanks.

Good overall helmet, extremely bad visor

Lets start with the good parts:
The helmet was delivered in a good protective packaging, the lights are amazing, the app is really good and there are a lot of customization options to the lighting pattern.
The fidlock on the strap is really nice and works perfectly.
Neutral: The helmet is noticable heavier than my old "dumb" helmet.
Now the bad part:
The main reason I bought this helmet for, was the visor. When I ride in cold conditions, or in the rain/snow, my eyes kept tearing up.
I bought this helmet because it promised had everything I wanted in a helmet: lights, fidlock strap, MIPS, and A VISOR!
It was on the expensive side, but I figured for that many features its worth it.
However when I first went out to test it (it was around 2°C and lightly snowing at that day) I was immediatly disappointed!
My eyes where not protected at all! Even worse: The wind went inbetween the helmet and the visor and was guided directly into my eyes.
I ended up riding with the visor pulled up because this was less painful than when I used the visor.

I had to return the helmet since it didnt serve the most important purpose. Eventhough everything else is good or even amazing, this is a dealbreaker for me therefore I have to rate this 1 star.

The return process and overall service was good.

P.S.: The helmet looks weirdly wide at the top. I didn't especially like the look of it, but that's a matter of tast I guess

Καταπληκτικό προιον

Γρήγορη αποστολή.
Το προϊόν μοναδικό.
Το προτείνω ανεπιφύλακτα!

Helmet Padding
Edward Spencer Agoston
Hasnt arrived

Hasn't arrived

Safety well riding

I love it make much easier to use the turning signal with out taking my eyes off the road with its much safer then using my phone.

Lumos Ultra
David Kay
Great helmet for commuting!

I feel much safer with the flashing lights on my helmet at night. It’s especially useful to be able to direct the light toward drivers waiting to pull out of side streets. I was surprised at how far around to the sides the light shines, especially in Boost mode. I use the fast flash mode and can see street signs far off to the sides flashing the reflected light.
The battery lasted fairly well - several hours of commuting between charges.
Minor issues- the helmet is heavier than my other helmets, so I won’t wear it on long road rides, but those are daytime rides and I can just wear my race helmets.
The shape is not perfect for my head, which is more oval than round. This perhaps fits a rounder head better.
Waiting for Apple Watch integration.
Other than that, so far so good.

Ultra Visor
Chris W
Good, but Velcro has trouble sticking

I like the visor, but the Velcro doesn't do a great job keeping it in place. I ride to the train station, than to work in NYC, than back again. 4 trips every work day. Every time I take the helmet of, the visor is flapping on one or two pieces of Velcro, and I have to re-stick it. I know at some point I am going to lose it. There needs to be something better, like real snaps, or even buttons.

Ultra Visor
Edward Spencer Agoston
Cant review an thing that hasn't shown up yet

Haven't received it yet

Lumos Kickstart
Rajesh Rajpaulsingh
Tight on the sides.

Beautiful helmet, with bright lights. I did measure my head to be 23" prior and ordered the M-L (21.25"-24'). On arrival, I tried it on and it fitted a bit tight on the sides (narrower- shell itself, not the adjustment). On my first trial/ride, the tightness was manageable early on, but this became magnified as the ride progressed, so I had to place helmet on top my head to complete ride.

Ultra Bug Net
Karl Kohl

Ultra Bug Net

Essentials: Spoke Reflectors
William Schimoler
Gotta Be Seen

I love my new spoke reflectors. Riding in Brooklyn is dangerous in the best of times. The traffic always tough and it's essential to be seen. Every little bit helps. So having the spokes reflect headlights is useful, and it's passive so needs no battery or charging. Great.

Ultra Visor
Will Mayall
I bought 2 and then 2 more, they are that good

These visors are so good, I bought spares!