The Next Generation Bicycle Helmet

Be Seen. Be Safe.

Integrated Lights. All 48 of them.

Visibility is paramount to cyclist safety. The Lumos Helmet is integrated with super bright white LEDs in the front and solid red LEDs in the back to ensure you stand out on the road. Triangular shape of the back lights help others gauge their distance from you better.

10 bright leds
in the front
38 bright leds
in the back

Day & Night

Visibility at all times

Day or night, the Lumos Helmet keeps you visible. Never ride in the dark again with bright LED lights integrated right on your most important safety gear: the helmet.

Light Up Your Turns

Enhance your turns with turn signals

Lumos has bright left and right turn signals that users can activate via a wireless remote. Enhance your hand signals during those wide turns with turn signals!

Driver's Perspective

Click of a Button

Detachable remote right next to your thumb

One Remote. Two buttons. Built-in accelerometer to sense when you’re braking. Weatherproof, detachable, rechargeable. Intuitive and convenient.

Slowing Down?
No Problem

Automatic Warning Lights (In Beta)

The Lumos Helmet senses when you're slowing down and turns all the lights on the back of your helmet a solid red. Give the cars behind you an extra heads up!


The MIPS Brain Protection System is a helmet-integrated, low-friction layer designed to reduce retational motion transferred to the brain from angled impacts to the head.

Ride in Any Weather

A helmet as hardcore as you

Rain or shine, if you are riding your bike, you can be sure your Lumos Helmet can go with you.

Rechargeable Battery

Convenient Charging

Both the helmet and remote can be charged with the included magnetic charging cable. 2 hours to charge. Lights lasts 3 hours in solid mode and 6 in flash mode.

Gold Standard Protection

Internationally Safety-Certified

Lumos meets the rigorous safety standards of the CPSC (USA), ASTM F1447 (Canada) and EN1078 (Europe). Yes, we've been crash tested.

Great Fit

It’s clear that Lumos worked very hard on the fit and how it sits on your head. I find it very comfortable to wear
Roubaix Cycling

Your Helmet's Companion

Your Helmet's Companion

Get the most out of your helmet by downloading the Lumos app! Track your activity, sync with Strava and Apple Health, adjust helmet settings and more!

  • Dashboard

    Easily keep track of your rides and helmet's battery levels!

  • Settings

    Customize the helmet to your habits. Enable syncing and auto-ride tracking!

  • Update Firmware

    Get the most out of your Lumos Helmet - update to the newest helmet firmware.

  • Battery Notifications

    How much battery is left after you used your helmet? Enable battery notifications to find out!

Smart Gesture Recognition

and Automatic Tracking

Now Compatible with

“The best helmet I’ve ever bought.”

Rated 5-stars by over 200+ reviews

I wore the Lumos Helmet for four months and felt a heightened sense of security. Switching to my old helmet, I felt naked.
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A real game-changer for cyclists
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  • Lumos Kickstart Helmet
  • Lumos Kickstart Lite Helmet
  • Lumos Kickstart Helmet with MIPS
  • LIMITED EDITION Kickstart Helmet

Lumos Kickstart Lite Helmet

Free shipping within the U.K.

Featuring the same bright forward and back LEDs, the Lumos Kickstart Lite Helmet is our value offering.

By removing the turn signals, brake lights, and wireless remote, the Kickstart Lite provides you with an elegant visibility solution at a great price. 

NEW: New color Chromium Blue now available!

Expected back in stock date (for White and Blue only): Late August / Early September

    Integrated Lights
    Safety Certified
    Rechargeable Battery
    Turn Signals
    Automatic Warning Lights
    Smartphone App
    Wireless Remote
    Now Compatible with
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    Extra accessories? Order your spares here!

    Your Lumos Helmet comes standard with one charging cable, remote, and mount + elastics.
    • Charging Cable

      A standard proprietary charging cable that charges both your Lumos Helmet and remote.

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    • Helmet Padding

      Extra helmet padding, comes in three pieces that fits your Lumos Helmet.

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    • Remote + Handlebar Mount

      A set of the remote and handlebar mount. Pairs exclusively with the Lumos Helmet. Each helmet can pair with up to 2 remotes.

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    • Remote Mount

      The mount piece with elastics. Useful if you transfer your remote between different bikes. Does NOT come with the remote.

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